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Tomb Raider - Angkor Wat

Touching centuries old history, seeing how nature is reclaiming what she feels entitled to, walking the grounds of a temple untouched by architectural preservation is almost too much to absorb. Spending the day in Angkor Wat, feeling a little Tomb Raider vibe to be sure, was a highlight of our time in Cambodia. We've eaten, relaxed, seen, connected with the people here, and I feel more touched by this country than an other we've visited to date. We've only a few remaining days in Cambodia before being back in Thailand where we will spend a day in Bangkok before ultimately enjoying the island of Railai Beach for some end of the semester fun and snorkeling. While I'm looking forward to beach time and pure play, the time in Cambodia has embedded itself into my heart. The artistic and loving people, those who selflessly do what they can to include everyone, who teach art as means help the disabled to create a living for themselves is truly honorable and impressive. I've seen how a Catholic organization of women is helping rescue and assist survivors of sex trafficking. Perhaps because my tee-shirts are designed to benefit non-profits organizations help children heal through artwork as well as others that rescue survivors of sex trafficking, I connect so strongly with people in Cambodia who share those missions and my purpose. It has been a wonderful time in this country, and I'm leaving a piece of myself and my heart here.

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