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The shirts are coming!

ally on their way!

After determining to design shirts with a mission driven purpose to help others, my shirts are ordered and should arrive shortly. My inventory isn't too large, so bare with me if I need to restock. Being a shopkeeper is a new endeavor, and my goal is not to become a ginormous entrepreneur, but to be a channel to help others. You may know that, at 13, I was cast in a television commercial as the lead character, playing a victim of sex trafficking. It was a horrifying commercial and incredibly emotional for me. But, after much reflection, I finally took great pride in the purpose of using my voice and my face to help the plight of young girls enslaved in the sex trade. I've been trained to volunteer with Breaking Free, the nation's largest (small still) non-profit entirely focused on stopping the domestic sex trafficking business. They actively do outreach to save young women, teach them skills and get them jobs or reunited with families. They also educate Johns, the FBI and other law enforcement about the industry. So, 100% of my tee-shirt profits for specific designs goes to help these young women. I also am an artist, a creative, so I've developed artistic shirts with the purpose of helping Free Arts, a non-profit that builds self-esteem and personal development with youth in crisis or challenging situations, using the healing power of art to help these kids feel safe. 100% of the profits from my original art shirts, inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat, goes to Free Arts. Please help me develop this mission driven enterprise. Thank you!

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