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Stay warm outside and inside

Hello everyone! It's chilly outside in Minnesota, but I'm finding my heart and life warm inside. I finally received all my latest designs, tagged them all and have them ready to rock. So do good shopping this holiday, and check out one of my three designs. I'll be adding more, but these are my essentials. The message and vibe align with my purposes. Over the course of the next few weeks and months, I'll be sharing news about human trafficking and, secondarily, helping disadvantaged youth. Candidly, I've been blessed, very fortunate in life. I've had every advantage, and art has helped me realize how personal expression, ideas and faith in yourself can actually inspire others. That's why I love the concept of Free Arts. They provide a safe environment for kids in crisis or challenging situations. Kids can test, try, experiment and feel free to do what they want. The good news is that within art, no answer is wrong. So it's an place where they are always right and can grow in confidence and sense of self. So please consider kids who have nothing and need to feel safe coming into their own. Likewise, I hope to get you more acquainted with the horrific worldwide crisis and dramatically on the rise in the U.S. - human trafficking. Breaking Free focuses on sex trafficking, a modern form of slavery. Tomorrow 11 women will go through graduation; they will become Sisters of Survival after completing a program that helps them break free from the bonds of "the life." They also learn life skills to move onto the next new chapter of their lives. I'm proud to help advocate for both of these communities and to raise awareness of the plight of many like them. Rayebird is about supporting those who need our love, who need help easing their burdens and who need us to elevate awareness of these global issues. Stay warm outside and inside!

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