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Shirts arrived. Shop for others!

Finally, new inventory of my mission driven tees has arrived...and I'm ready to start shipping. Just bear in mind, I'm doing this all myself from my kitchen table, so to speak. So please be patient with me. It's my first actual business where I need to manage it top to bottom, or rather bottom to top. I'm ready to accept credit cards and PayPal. My new Homage shirt is arriving this week. All items will be shipped first class mail through the USPS. If you're looking to do good in the world and give someone a gift that matters, select one of my three designs. There will be more designs coming soon as I take a break from school and have time to work on the graphics and create the tees. I'll also be adding an up-cycled painted sweater item. This item is totally customized and one-of-a-kind inspired by Jackson Pollock. These are custom ordered and uniquely made, so be patient. It is an art piece. This is a very exciting time for me. I'm thrilled to be donating 100% of my profits to two amazing organizations. Thanks in advance for considering Rayebird Mission Driven Clothing.


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