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What a lovely way to spend a Thursday night. A friend and fellow animal lover and I spent the evening giving love and getting much in return to small puppies and not-so-small dogs in a rescue shelter in Chicago area. It was great medicine for both of us. The bond between animals and people is both magical and inexplicable. How do they detect our moods and feelings? How do we detect when they've been abandoned and feel sad and alone. Dogs primary joy is giving us joy, and when they have no one to love, they feel empty and alone. Funny, we feel the same way. This little one felt like pure velvet, and the wrinkling forehead was a mixture of charm and curiosity. We can't wait to go back. They need us and we need them. If you can, you'll never regret fostering, adopting a rescue and getting all the unconditional love you so deserve. Do it!

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