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People are Not for Sale

I still struggle with how people can be bought and sold, beyond sex trafficking. While human trafficking is modern day slavery, and we are doing what we can to raise awareness and educate the world, I've discovered of late that, on a daily basis, people are selling themselves in different ways. These alarm me as well. I've seen people compromise their ethics to keep a job, compromise their integrity and honor in order to achieve short-term gain or a quick pay-out. In the past few weeks, I've seen my closest friend sell out their inner "true north" to connect with others and fit in, and in the process compromised their commitments, their sense of self and their sense of right and wrong. Now they feel lost and alone. I get it. I'm empathic to this kind of selling of ourselves. This requires extreme courage, or as Brene Brown says, a soft front and a strong back. Caring, loving and sensitive, but strong convictions and boundaries. Those lured or captured in human trafficking have no choice; this is against their will. They need our help. But, those who ultimately choose to sell out their ethics also need our empathy and support. How do we show them our love. How do we get them back to themselves. How do we get them to reconnect with the person they know they are. How do they develop the courage to be vulnerable, to be real, to tell themselves and their colleagues, "no," I won't sell out myself to you. While the mission of Rayebird is to provide support for sex trafficking survivors and education, I also feel deeply about helping those and supporting those who sell themselves in other ways without even understanding how they slowly diminish their own self worth. Know, you are loved. You are valued. You are worthy. Firm up your back and stick to your convictions. We are here for you.

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