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Mens shirts supporting the cause

Never did I imagine that men would want to wear shirts that advocated against sex trafficking, but I'm proud to say, I know men who have raised their hands and asked for shirts. So, finally, they have arrived. We have a gray shirt with white type, in the same messaging as the women's style. I'm hoping to add more colors, but this first color-way was encouraged my guy friends, who thought gray was a nice change for them. I'm so excited to see how many men will support the women of the world. At the same time, there are many young men lured into the sex trade and forced into sexual prostitution as well. This epidemic is not entirely focused on women, so men, let's get out there and with this heinous, violence and abusive crime against humanity together. I want to extend a very special thank you to my incredible father, Bryan, for modeling for me. He's not only a strong advocate for me and my causes, he's a great human being, has worked in non-profits and believes in the power of changing lives one at a time!

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