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Gap year ahead

Four months of research. One 67-page persuasive PowerPoint presentation. One consultant. And, I've been given the "go-ahead" for a one-year college deferral and a gap year to see the world. Next up: nearly 3 months in Southeast Asia in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. Traveling with a small group of college students, we'll be doing a combination of service work (building homes), cultural immersion in history, art and community life, home stays, adventure travel with time for fun along the way. My fall semester will be in tropical Asia at the tail end of monsoon season. The amount of preparation is incredible. I'm bringing everything from a mini pharmacy for all varieties of infections, compliments of my family doctor, to disposable toilet wipes, from a head lamp - something I thought I'd never use, let alone own - to quantities of sunscreen and a sleeping sheet (what is that?), all stuffed into one suitcase. I'll be home for the holidays, and from there, I'm in the midst of formulating my spring semester. So far, I've locked into 6 weeks in Paris for language immersion in French, both a city and a language I love. I'll continue to run my business from afar with the help of my devoted parents. Please be patient if for some reason an order takes an extra day or two. Thank you!

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