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Declaration day

As a graduating senior, May 1 is the day when you declare your intended university decision. In my case, I've applied to 10 art colleges and been accepted to all. Most people would feel this is an embarrassment of riches: choice. And, candidly, it is. I've zero complaints. However, a paralysis sets in and the fear of making a "wrong" decision is overpowering. For now, my decision is Parsons in New York; however RISD just accepted me as well. With a less than 10% acceptance at RISD, it's a proud moment to be one of the few and privileged that is invited to attend. I'm honored. This has been a rigorous journey of creating custom portfolios, artists statements, producing "challenge" responses to specific college assignments issued by both Parsons and RISD. It's been a stressful journey, and I'm thankful I've arrived. More to come...

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