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Back in front of the camera

Since I've been traveling, documenting my journeys and just now getting back into my daily life in Minnesota (between my gap year travels), I've not published much of my other artistic work. I've also not shared much of this part of my life. Since I was young, I've done modeling and acting, and my parents have indulged me in this, often missing school days, and then they dutifully took all my earnings and put them in an investment account for me. It's been a great experience, and I've grown so much working with world famous models, like Cindy Joseph, on locations, growing and developing as an artist in front of the camera. I've learned so much from the people I've worked with, the crews, the talent on how to be professional. Call times are 5:00 am, and they are long days, but this has been the best professional development experience for me. I remember one shoot for 3M Post-It Notes where the photographer asked the other two models on set what they were going to do with their earnings. Both young guys said they were going to buy electronics and games. When it came my turn to respond, I said, "I'm putting it in my Roth IRA." The photographer burst out laughing, and then followed up by saying how wise it was. I'm grateful my parents have looked out for my long term future. I can thank my CFO father who has always looked to protect our family so we were able to enjoy life but never have concern should there be any financial set-backs. He's wise and thoughtful that way, and my creative director mother who taught me to show up, be professional and respectful, do the work and know you're being paid to represent a brand. I'm back at modeling again between my travels during my gap year. Here are some recent beauty photos from photographer Michael Haug and makeup artist Fatima Olive, a great team. If I'm remiss in posting in the next few months, I have some upcoming modeling work and I'll be back as soon as possible. Thanks for hanging in with me!

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