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A Year in The Life

It's been nearly a year since I was here, looking at this very blog. How did that happen? This was my spring, spent studying French in Paris. I wish I could say it was rough duty, but it wasn't. This is my brother Jack, who is a senior animator in Los Angeles. He works in video games, and he flew from LA to Paris to visit me for week. Two art kids, and we still can't get enough of shopping artwork. Presently, daily life and a new commitment called art school in Chicago has been consuming my time. But, the holidays are upon us, and I'm very excited to be home, to be sharing moments and creating memories with family again. Despite my demands at school, my first semester was filled with a dramatic change in roommates, long hours creating intense and conceptual projects, studying art from the dawn of civilization, I have met some amazing people. And I'm finally going to get an opportunity to do some good. Again. Soon, I'll be training as a volunteer in a children's hospital in Chicago. What better use of time than to bring a smile and some hope to a child who may be scared of the unknown. I've discovered that doing for others, be it here with Rayebird, or reaching out to help someone in some small way, makes us all better. I wish you love and much magic in the holiday season ahead.

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